Madeline Berry Receives Prestigious Service Leadership Award

October 29th, 2010 | Tags:

Congratulations to faculty member Madeline Berry  who was the recipient of the 2010 Charles C. Mackey, Jr. Excellence in Service Leadership Award at the New York State Association of Colleges for Teacher Education meeting October 21, 2010 in Saratoga, NY.  She has been on the faculty of the Division of Education at SUNY Oneonta since 1968.  Phil Kellerman, President of the Harvest of Hope Foundation spoke of the fine work Mrs. Berry and her students have done over the past 13 years in support of migrant workers across the country. This past semester college students raised $2000 which was spent on immediate needs of workers such as a prosthetic device, car repairs, and the like.  Dr. Connie Feldt-Golden, chair of Elementary Education and Reading, wrote the following in her nomination letter, “ Clearly, Mrs. Berry’s teaching, scholarship and collaborations are all marked by an active involvement and commitment to excellence in teacher education. As a teacher educator, she not only models the commitment to advocacy but engages teacher candidates in service learning as part of their development as teachers. The result is an empowered sense of responsibility in an expanded view of the role of the teacher, and a cycle of advocacy in all future classrooms. Mrs. Berry deserves to be recognized for her lifetime of service to the teaching profession.”  The Charles C. Mackey, Jr. Excellence in Service Leadership Award honors an educator in New York State who has demonstrated personal and professional qualities that exemplify the highest standards of service leadership in teacher education. The annual award, initiated in October 2002, is named in honor of Dr. Charles C. Mackey, Jr., Executive Coordinator of the Office of Teaching Initiatives in the New York State Department of Education. Dr. Mackey's tireless efforts on behalf of teacher educators and teacher practice have made lasting positive changes in education in New York State, the North-east Region and nationally. He was a science teacher in Rhode Island from 1957 to 1966, The Division Chief for Teacher Education in Rhode Island Department of Education from 1963 to 1966. He moved to New York State in 1966 and since then has been the head of teacher education initiatives in the Department of Education's Division of Teacher Education and Certification. During his career he also served in numerous leadership roles in NASDTEC and other interstate and national teacher education organizations.