Food vs. Fuel Thank You

December 11th, 2012 | Tags:

Miracles Do Happen!!!!!!

For the past five years, Food vs. Fuel has worked diligently to increase the number of needy senior households for winter food deliveries.   This year, 21 households have been reached!   Twenty-one needy senior families will receive food that will help to sustain them for several months.  They will also receive a holiday bag that contains personal items and treats as well as a blanket for each person.

Food vs. Fuel has been supported by many individuals, clubs, and departments on campus.   I would like to take this opportunity to mention a few of our outstanding supporters.

Kelly Shimkus, District Marketing Specialist for Sodexo selected Food vs. Fuel as a worthy cause to support.  With the assistance of Lynn Cross and interns, Sarah Vitro and Gregory Talamini, a friendly competition between the staffs of Starbucks and Jazzman’s ensued in hopes of collecting the most possible donations for our seniors.  Their efforts proved to be amazing.  In addition to the thousands of dollars collected through these efforts, the continued annual support from the Red Dragon Book Store and MOC Service Department has been outstanding.   Jackie Hendrickson and Darlyn Poli have always taken time to encourage their departments to donate to our cause.

My TA’s, Katie Bulley and Shannon Marlow donated tremendous amounts of time to help to prepare and have deliveries go smoothly.  Thanks to the Women’s Rugby Team for their efforts in providing blankets for our seniors as well as contributions made by members of the Sociology Department.  Finally, thank you to all of the individuals who donated bags of food and cash contributions.

While donations are collected throughout our business community, Attorney Richard “Otto” Rothermel and Jennifer Mickel of United Student Rentals have been wonderful supporters throughout the years.

The outcome of this year’s fundraising efforts has been outstanding with all of you providing the means to making it happen.  On behalf of our senior citizens, I want to thank you for selecting Food vs. Fuel as your organization to support.

Sheila A. Serbay, Founder & Facilitator of Food vs. Fuel