A Statement from CADE for Faculty to include in Syllabi

December 21st, 2012 | Tags:

At the request of a department, CADE created the following statement for the faculty to include in their syllabi.  We thought we’d share the statement with the campus community in case others might be interested in sharing this information with their students through their syllabi as well.  Please note that CADE does NOT provide peer tutoring in the content of 300- and 400-level courses.

“Your professor is an excellent resource for assistance in this course.  Please visit office hours to seek clarification of concepts and processes that you are required to master for this course.  For additional support, the Center for Academic Development and Enrichment (CADE) provides a variety of tutoring services.  Students can receive professional tutoring for writing, reading, study skills, and basic math.  Students can also receive peer tutoring in course content for most 100-level and some 200-level courses.  For several courses, drop-in tutoring is offered.”

For a schedule of drop-in times and list of courses, visit  http://www.oneonta.edu/academics/cade/dropinschedule.htm.  To sign up for services other than drop-in tutoring at CADE, visit https://tracktion.oneonta.edu.”