Employee Recognition Program Honors Award Recipients

May 1st, 2013 | Tags:

The “Making a Difference” employee recognition program annually honors employees who have demonstrated excellence in their work at the college. The following employees were honored by President Kleniewski and the College Enhancement Committee at a luncheon at Le Café in the Morris Conference Center.

Single Effort Excellence awards were given to those who acted above and beyond the call of duty on a single, specific occasion during the 2012-13 academic year:

Anthony Biltucci, nominated by Elizabeth Small
Lynda Craft, nominated by Cindi Hall
Kathy Milavec, nominated by President Kleniewski
Stephen Miller, nominated by Mark English
Deborah Wolfanger, nominated by Graig Eichler and John Relethford

Sustained Excellence awards were given to those who have consistently demonstrated excellence at their jobs for a minimum of five years:

Chris Burgher, nominated by James Ebert and Julie Freeman
Rosemary Craig, nominated by Gretchen Sorin and Catherine Raddatz
Lisa Hoffman, nominated by Jerome Blechman and James Ebert
Jeanne Keahon, nominated by Melissa Fallon and Jan Strong
Cheryl Peeters, nominated by Veronica Diver and Danielle Tonner
Walter Romero, nominated by Deborah McClenon and Lesley Bidwell
Brenda Sundal, nominated by Patrice Macaluso and Tim Sheesley
Elizabeth Tirado, nominated by Rebecca Porter-O’Donnell and Sue Clemons
Nathan Trost, nominated by Dawn Bookhout and Cameron Oliver
Anna Valinoti, nominated by Karen Gilbertson and Rebecca Lynch
Helen Van Houten, nominated by Chris Schuler-Ghiorse and Tim Maricle

Congratulations to all the recipients!