Izabella Lokshina Presents Research Article

June 14th, 2013 | Tags:

Izabella Lokshina, Management, Marketing and Information Systems, presented a research paper titled ³Algorithms for Accelerated Rare Event Simulation with Markov Chain Modelling in Communications Networks² at the 11th Annual Industrial Simulation Conference (ISC’2013) that was held at Ghent University, Belgium on May 23, 2013. The event was organized by the European Technology Institute (ETI), sponsored by the European Simulation Society (EUROSIS) together with ADICTEL, AEKI, CREAX, ENSAIT, Delft Institute of Technology, Ghent University, University of Lyon, and IPK Fraunhofer.  The aim of the conference was to give a complete overview of this year’s industrial simulation research within the industrial simulation community. The conference focused on simulation applications for the industrial enterprises of the future (e.g. transformable factories, networked factories, learning factories, digital factories) depending on different drivers such as high performance, high customisation, environmental friendliness and sustainability, high efficiency of resources, human potential and knowledge creation.

In this paper, co-authored by Evan Schiele, Program Delivery Manager with SAP America, Dr. Lokshina proposed an effective approach to a buffer overflow simulation, which is one of the vital issues in networking and telecommunications. Efficient models and algorithms were developed and applied to accelerate the overflow probability simulation (e.g., rare event in communication networks); and the simulation results were shown and analyzed. The recommended approach proved to be appropriate and particularly efficient being used for reliability and performance evaluation in communication networks, while more reliable networks must be described by rarer events.

The presentation attracted a lot of attention within the industrial simulation community, and the paper was published in the EUROSIS-ETI ISC’2013 refereed proceedings. Additionally, Dr. Lokshina was chairing one of the technical sessions on May 23.