Sociology Department Presentations at National Conferences

September 5th, 2013 | Tags:

This past August, several members of the Sociology department participated in three national conferences that were held concurrently in New York City.

At the 76th annual meeting of the Rural Sociology Society, August 6-9, Gregory FulkersonAlex Thomas, and Elizabeth Seale presented or co-presented several papers:

•     “Social Capital and Democracy Revisited: Perceived Government Effectiveness as a Predictor of Associational Membership and Normative Measures of Social Capital on Carriacou, Grenada,” by Karl Jicha (North Carolina State University), Gregory Fulkerson, Gretchen Thompson (Booz Allen Hamilton), and Edward L. Kick (North Carolina State University)

•    “Public Understandings of Science, Technology, and Risk in the Debate Over Fracking” by Elizabeth Seale and Gregory Fulkerson;

•    “Rural Creatives and the Health of Downtowns,” by Alex Thomas, Gregory Fulkerson, Elizabeth Seale, and Polly Smith.

•     “The Evolution of Rural: A Rural-Centric View on the Evolution of Cities” By Alex Thomas.

Fulkerson and Seale also served as the program co-chairs for the conference, for which they each received awards for Outstanding Service at the Rural Sociological Society’s Awards Luncheon.

At the 63rd annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Social Problems, August 9-11, Elizabeth Seale presented:

•    “Workfare Participation in the US Welfare System: Examining TANF Case Closures across States,” with Tiffany Taylor (Kent State University) and Kara Whaley (Kent State University)

At the 108th annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, August 10-13, Gregory Fulkerson and Brian Lowe presented or co-presented the following:

•     “Promises and Perils of Big Data: Examining Undergraduate Sociology Assignments at a Medium-Sized Public University” by Gregory Fulkerson, Brian Lowe, and Jim Greenburg (TLTC director), in the Section on Teaching and Learning Sociology with Technology (Invited Session)

•    “Spectacular Morality and Mediated Representations: examining mediated claims surrounding nonhuman animals” by Brian Lowe, in the Section on Animals and Society Paper Session, “Social Inequality and Animals.”