[UUP] July 9, 2014 7:35 am

UUP Chapter President’s Note: Although Academic and Professional members of the UUP bargaining unit can receive Leave Donation, only Professionals and Librarians in the UUP bargaining unit as well as those in other participating unions can donate Leave Donation. This process transcends union lines.   The only restriction in regard to UUP is that this agreement is limited to the Professionals as academic leave in UUP is calculated in a different manner.

Under an agreement between applicable public employee unions and the State of New York, a program has been established where vacation time can be donated across unions to those who have exhausted their sick leave.  On the Oneonta campus, Corinne Steward, and Jackie Ruff, CSEA, have exhausted thier sick leave accruals..  Any member of the UUP bargaining unit who accrues vacation leave can donate vacation days to Corinne and Jackie so long as they maintain a balance of 10 vacation days after donated days are deducted from their balances.  The identity of donors remains confidential.

To donate any accruals to Corinne Steward and Jackie Ruff, please print out and complete the form at the following link  http://www.oneonta.edu/admin/humres/HR/HR_images/LEAVE_DONATION_FORM.pdf and send it to Human Resources Office, Netzer 208. For further information, please contact the Human Resources Office at 436-2509.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.  Corinne and Jackie express thanks and appreciation for your help. UUP also thanks you for considering this request.

Open SUNY Affordable Learning Solutions resources:

On May 19, 2014,  Orlando Legname, Music,  used his sensors and electronic instruments to perform with the Alipio C. Neto instrumental jazz group at the Chez Adel in Paris, France.  In Italy, Orlando gave two lectures titled Interactive Systems and the Augmented Conductor. On May 20, 2014.   The lecture took place at the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome and on May 21, 2014 at the Conservatorio Nicolo Piccini in Bari.

CSEA members, Jackie Ruff and Corrine Steward, are still in need of leave donations.  Please visit www.csealocal635.org to download a leave donation form.

As the start of a new academic year approaches, Student Employment Services would like to remind all department supervisors to submit your part-time student employment opportunities. Hiring student employees through temp-service is a great opportunity for students to gain valuable work skills while assisting your department in reaching its goals! Please complete and submit the on-campus part-time vacancy form to Student Employment Services at anna.legname@oneonta.edu. For more information on hiring student employees, please contact Anna Legname, Student Employment Coordinator at the Career Development Center: (607) 436-2534.

[Thank You] July 2, 2014 2:37 pm

My sincere thanks to SUNY-Shine for its recent contribution to the Susquehanna Chapter of the ASPCA in memory of my dad, Bill Gergich.   Thanks also to my SUNY Oneonta friends and colleagues who sent cards and other expressions of sympathy and support.  Your kind words and warm hugs helped me through a very difficult time.

Kathy Milavec, President’s Office

During the months of September, October, November, and December, the Literacy Clinic at SUNY Oneonta is offering tutoring services for local children in grades one through six.

During this experience, children will be provided with individualized instruction in reading, writing, spelling, and related areas, with the main goal of setting up for success. A $20 fee is charged for the tutoring and assessment. Scholarships are available.

More information about the services is available by phoning Barbara Vokatis, Assistant Professor and Literacy Clinic Coordinator, at 518-774-0868 (please leave a message and contact information) or  Barbara.Vokatis@oneonta.edu.

Clinic dates - (Beginning of September to beginning of December):  Tuesdays (5:30 – 6:30 pm) or Wednesdays (5:00 – 6:00 pm).

The Division of Finance and Administration is pleased to announce the appointment of Erik Andersen as Director of Student Accounts.  Erik served previously as Assistant Director of Student Accounts at SUNY Albany and in various administrative positions at Stony Brook University.  An alumnus of SUNY Oneonta, Erik holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Economics with a dual major in Music Industry, and a Masters of Professional Studies in Human Resources Management through Stony Brook University.  He can be reached at Erik.Andersen@oneonta.edu or at x3021.  Please welcome Erik as he joins the campus community.

Andrew Gallup of the Psychology Department is the lead author of a research paper that was accepted for publication in the open-access journal Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group). Co-authors on the paper include Andrew Chong and Iain Couzin of Princeton University and Alex Kacelnik and John Krebs of the University of Oxford. The paper is entitled “The influence of emotional facial expressions on gaze-following in grouped and solitary pedestrians” and will be available online in the upcoming weeks (see abstract below).

The mechanisms contributing to collective attention in humans remain unclear. Research indicates that pedestrians utilise the gaze direction of others nearby to acquire environmentally relevant information, but it is not known which, if any, additional social cues influence this transmission. Extending upon previous field studies, we investigated whether gaze-cues paired with emotional facial expressions (neutral, happy, suspicious and fearsome) of an oncoming walking confederate modulate gaze-following by pedestrians moving in a natural corridor. We found that pedestrians walking alone were not sensitive to this manipulation, while individuals traveling together in groups did reliably alter their response in relation to emotional cues. In particular, members of a collective were more likely to follow gaze cues indicative of a potential threat (i.e., suspicious or fearful facial expression). This modulation of visual attention dependent on whether pedestrians are in social aggregates may be important to drive adaptive exploitation of social information, and particularly emotional stimuli within natural contexts.

If anyone would like used, legal hanging file folders, please call Jean at x3176 in Elementary Education & Reading.