Members of the Business Advisory Council were on campus for a day-long meeting with Dean Yen, College representatives, SEB faculty and students on December 6, 2014. Topics discussed at the meeting included business education and its impacts, challenges, and alternatives to liberal arts education; innovative strategies and course design in entrepreneurship education; opportunities and strategies associated with branding/re-branding of the SEB; and challenges and opportunities in professional accounting education.

Minutes from the meeting (as well as those for past meetings) along with a list of current BAC members and their affiliations is at We in the SEB extend a sincere thank you to all BAC members who came to campus to contribute in this important meeting. Our initiatives and programs will surely improve as a result of the valuable input received.

BAC and faculty members gathered in Le Cafe, Morris Hall

Student Advisory Council presentation by Danny Lounsbury and Abby Renneman

Panel members Bill O'Dea, Zel Bianco, Andrew Schwenk, Matthew Betzenhauser, and Cees Lanting

Student Advisory Council presentation by Danny Lounsbury and Abby Renneman


The Student Advisory Council of the School of Economics and Business is pleased to announce the publication of its Fall 2014 Student Newsletter! Click here to view the latest issue.

Dr. Paul W. Bauer, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting, has been elected to the Executive Committee of the International Atlantic Economic Society. Founded in 1973, the IAES promotes the dissemination of economic and financial research within the international community through its two refereed publications and two conferences a year.

Several faculty members from the School of Economics and Business presented results of their research at the New York State Economics Association Conference, held at Siena College in October.

Paul Bauer, “Which is the Drag on U.S. States Per Capita Incomes: Topicality or Lack of Civil Rights?”

Michael McAvoy, “The Reserve and Labor Exploitation at the Beginning of Organized Baseball: The Case of the 1880s Reds”

William P. O’Dea, “Student Evaluations: What is a Chair to Do?”

Philip Sirianni (with Michael O’Hara, Colgate Univ.) “Carbon Efficiency of U.S. Colleges and Universities: A Nonparametric Assessment”

Wade Thomas and Magdalena Lorenz, “Redefining the Internship in the Face of Legal Realities and Economic Valuations”

Additionally, Mariel Doyle, an Economics and Mathematics major and member of the class of 2015, presented the results of her research paper titled “Pigovian Taxes and Interacting Pollutants” in the undergraduate student paper competition.

Dr. Mine Ozer, Associate Professor of Management, published a research article in Journal of Strategy and Management in 2014. The title of the article is “Can Companies Buy Legitimacy? Using Corporate Political Strategies to Offset Negative Corporate Social Responsibility Records”. The purpose of this article is to draw on institutional theory and propose that firms with negative corporate social responsibility records consider investing in political strategies necessary in order to construct new legitimate standards in line with their strategies. The results show that firms with high corporate social responsibility concerns invest more in political strategies. In addition, the results indicate that organizational visibility and organizational slack positively moderate this relationship. The article is co-authored with Dr. Ekin Alakent from California State University – East Bay.

The College Fed Challenge team, led by Dr. David Ring (Economics, Finance, and Accounting), gave their presentation at the New York Fed on November 14 in the semi-final round, and received an honorable mention for the second consecutive year. They will receive an engraved trophy from the Federal Reserve, which will be displayed in the main SEB office in 226 Netzer. Come by to take a look, and congratulations to the team on this great accomplishment!

China is the second largest trading partner of the U.S. Numerous U.S. companies invest in China today.  They have established great manufacturing opportunities in China and also sell products and offer services to contribute to China’s economic development. Understanding Chinese markets, culture, and customs will certainly help students’ career development in the future! The SEB Summer China Program can provide students with this unique and valuable opportunity to learn business and culture at the same time.

Please visit the new China Program web page on the SEB web site for more information.

Tom Kane ’83, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Constellation Brands, addresses a large crowd of students from the School of Economics and Business during his talk titled “Hiring from an HR perspective.” The slides from Mr. Kane’s presentation are available here.

James McAteer ’08, of AllianceBernstein, L.P., addresses a group of faculty and students on the Backpacks to Briefcases trip to New York City, sponsored by the School of Economics and Business and the Office of Alumni Engagement.

The following information can be found at the IRS website, :


“The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program offers free tax help to people who generally make $53,000 or less, persons with disabilities, the elderly and limited English speaking taxpayers who need assistance in preparing their own tax returns. IRS-certified volunteers provide free basic income tax return preparation with electronic filing to qualified individuals.”


The Oneonta VITA site is the product of the combined efforts of the CA$H (Creating Assets, Savings, and Hope) Coalition and Mr. William (“Jeff”) Weinell with students from the School of Economics and Business at SUNY Oneonta. The Coalition is led by the United Way of Delaware and Otsego Counties in full collaboration with the following:  Catholic Charities of Delaware and Otsego Counties, CDO Workforce, Fidelis Care, SEFCU, Delaware Opportunities, New York State Office of Temporary & Disability Assistance, New York State Taxation & Finance and the Internal Revenue Service. The United way is the lead agency, Catholic Charities handles the scheduling, the Methodist Church provides the facilities, but it is the students of SUNY Oneonta who provide the income tax services.


Last year, 28 students signed up to take part in the program and 16 completed the on-line training and certification process from the Internal Revenue Service. At the beginning of the tax season, our IRS representative expressed the hope that we would complete 30 tax returns in our first year in operation. We completed 45 tax returns at our site for our students and the residents of Oneonta.


So far his year, more than 40 students have asked to be part of the VITA program. The training materials have been ordered and we are gearing up for another tax season beginning in January 2015. We are pursuing a variety of sources for funding for the purchase of equipment for our site. Our IRS rep has told us that the number of returns that VITA sites complete in their second year, on average, doubles over the first year. Many sites around upstate New York, however, see the number of returns completed quadruple in the second year over the first. We are looking forward to a very busy tax season!


Participation in the VITA program is very rewarding in a variety of ways. How those rewards are ranked varies with each participant, of course. Students who volunteer their time receive:

  • experience completing tax returns, an experience that can be used to earn an income in the future;
  • potential internship credit for the hours served;
  • experience dealing with the public;
  • a chance to put their education to work;
  • the satisfaction of helping a group of people who need and appreciate the help.


This tax season is going to bring with it, a whole new set of challenges. But the students of SUNY Oneonta will rise to meet those challenges. Setting up the site was not easy. But right from the start, to every objection that was raised and every concern that was voiced, our response has been simple. To all who expressed reservations we replied, “Hey, we’re SUNY Oneonta! We’ve got this!” That is our motto.


All of the organizations involved provide a positive contribution to the program
but it is our students who make it work.