SEB Teaching and Research Committee Review MMI Policies

The Teaching and Research Committee in the School of Economics and Business reviewed new and revised policies approved by the faculty in the Department of Management, Marketing and Information Systems. The new and revised policies concern quality of research and external review for the research program of a faculty member who requests continuing appointment and/or promotion to Associate Professor or Professor.


MMI Policy (discussed and adopted during MMI department meeting on 4/16/2014)


MMI has provided lists of journals. In three-year cycles, MMI will review and update (e.g., add/remove titles, as well as adjust their rankings) lists of journals in groups by discipline.


Intellectual contributions should contribute to understanding or advanced knowledge in a particular field through original research and/or significant work consisting of the synthesis of existing knowledge.  Productivity can be demonstrated by refereed journal publications as well as other important scholarly activities, all of which are essential for a quality program and AACSB accreditation. The Management, Marketing and Information Systems Department maintains a list of journals recommended as publication outlets. This list, available as a separate document, is reviewed on a regular basis.  It is not exhaustive and should not be used as the sole criteria for assessing the quality of faculty publications.  Rather, it should provide guidance concerning the most widely-recognized journals in faculty areas of expertise. Faculty are encouraged to pursue opportunities for publication and are not limited to publishing solely in outlets noted on the departmental list.   For information on an extensive list of journals, faculty should consult Cabell’s Directory of Opportunities in Management, Cabell’s Directory of Opportunities in Marketing, and other appropriate Cabell directories.   If a faculty member selects a journal that is not on the departmental list, however, additional information should be provided to the Department Chair to determine the level of quality of the publication.  Factors to be considered when assessing journal quality include, but are not limited to, reputation or visibility (e.g., rankings), review process (e.g., peer reviewed/blind), acceptance rates, citation rate, and impact factors.


Faculty who produce interdisciplinary research should select an outlet for publication that best fits their area of research.  Although some intellectual contributions should be published in the faculty member’s field of primary teaching responsibility, other intellectual contributions or combinations of intellectual contributions can be reasonably considered as meritorious or exceptional in quantity and quality as well as supportive of the Management, Marketing and Information Systems Department’s undergraduate teaching mission. The burden of proof for demonstrating the relevance of an intellectual contribution to the primary field of teaching resides with the faculty member.

Management Journal Ranking

Rank Abbreviated Journal Title
(linked to journal information)
JCR Data
Total Cites Impact
1 ACAD MANAGE REV 16810 7.895 11.578 1.200
2 J MANAGE 8294 6.704 7.754 0.842
3 ACAD MANAGE J 18591 5.906 10.031 0.550
4 INT ENTREP MANAG J 430 5.053   0.192
5 J APPL PSYCHOL 21544 4.758 7.313 0.548
6 MIS QUART 7277 4.659 7.474 0.705
7 J OPER MANAG 4825 4.400 7.130 0.351
8 ADMIN SCI QUART 11743 4.182 7.693 0.375
9 ACAD MANAG ANN 487 4.103 7.030 1.364
10 ASIA PAC J MANAG 1080 4.099   0.481
11 ORGAN RES METHODS 2274 3.926 4.888 0.607
12 J MANAGE STUD 5000 3.799 4.744 1.127
13 MANAGE DECIS 2347 3.787 2.467 0.173
14 PERS PSYCHOL 4387 3.702 6.045 0.174
15 LONG RANGE PLANN 1413 3.667 2.885 0.529
16 J ORGAN BEHAV 5433 3.626 4.226 0.516
17 J INF TECHNOL 1165 3.532 3.801 1.263
18 STRATEGIC MANAGE J 16677 3.367 6.393 0.397
19 ORGAN SCI 9893 3.351 5.506 1.052
20 INT J MANAG REV 915 3.333 4.981 0.250


Management Science and Operations Research Journal Ranking
No. Title Quality Level Country
1 Operations Research Q1 United States
2 Omega Q1 Netherlands
3 Computers and Operations Research Q1 United Kingdom
4 Transportation Science Q1 United States
5 Management Science Q1 United States
6 European Journal of Operational Research Q1 Netherlands
7 Production and Operations Management Q1 United States
8 Transportation Research, Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review Q1 United Kingdom
9 INFORMS Journal on Computing Q1 United States
10 Operations-Research-Spektrum Q1 Germany
11 Journal of Scheduling Q1 United States
12 IIE Transactions (Institute of Industrial Engineers) Q1 United Kingdom
13 Journal of the Operational Research Society Q1 United Kingdom
14 International Journal of Production Research Q2 United Kingdom
15 Naval Research Logistics Q2 United States
16 Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications Q2 United States
17 Annals of Operations Research Q2 Netherlands
18 Journal of Global Optimization Q2 Netherlands
19 Operations Research Letters Q2 Netherlands
20 Optimal Control Applications and Methods Q2 United Kingdom
21 Production Planning and Control Q2 United Kingdom
22 Optimization Q2 United Kingdom
23 International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics Q3 United Kingdom
24 Queueing Systems Q3 Netherlands
25 Central European Journal of Operations Research Q3 Germany
26 International Journal of Operational Research Q3 United Kingdom
27 Mathematical Methods of Operations Research Q3 Germany
28 International Transactions in Operational Research Q3 Denmark
29 Optimization and Engineering Q3 Netherlands
30 International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications Q3 United Kingdom
31 International Journal of Services and Operations Management Q3 United Kingdom
32 International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management Q3 United Kingdom
33 Advances in Operations Research Q4 United States
34 International Journal of Enterprise Network Management Q4 United Kingdom
35 International Journal of Services Operations and Informatics Q4 United Kingdom
36 Operations Research/ Computer Science Interfaces Series Q4 United States
37 International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management Q4 United States
38 International Journal of Operations Research and Information Systems Q4 United States
39 International Journal of Management & Information Systems Q4 United States


Marketing Journal Ranking

Premier Journals
1 Journal of Marketing
2 Journal of Marketing Research
3 Journal of Consumer Research
4 Marketing Science
Top Rated Journals
Journal of Retailing
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
Journal of Business Research
Harvard Business Review
Journal of Advertising
Journal of Advertising Research
Journal of Interactive Marketing
Management Science
Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management
Advances in Consumer Research
Journal of Public Policy and Marketing
Journal of Marketing Education
Psychology and Marketing
Sloan Management Review
Journal of Business
Journal of International Business Studies
Industrial Marketing Management
Journal of Consumer Marketing
California Management Review
Business Horizons
Journal of International Marketing
Journal of Services Marketing
International Journal of Research in Marketing
Journal of Consumer Psychology
Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice
European Journal of Marketing
Journal of Marketing Management(USA)
Journal of Health Care Management
Decision Sciences
Marketing Letters
Journal of Product Innovation Management
Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing
Journal of Global Marketing
Marketing Management
Journal of Business Ethics
Journal of Business Logistics
Marketing Education Review
AMA Educator’s Conference Proceedings
Recommended Journals
Journal of Service Research
American Business Review
Business & Society
Electronic Markets
International Business Review
International Journal of Consumer Studies
International Marketing Review
Journal of Brand Management
Journal of Business Theory and Practise
Journal of Macromarketing
Journal of Marketing Management
Journal of Strategic Marketing
Marketing Intelligence and Planning
Marketing Theory: An International Review
Public Relations Review
Quantitative Marketing and Economics
Academy of Marketing Science Review
Asian Journal of Marketing
Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics
Australasian Marketing Journal
Business Strategy Review
Consumption, Markets and Culture
Critical Perspectives on International Business
European Business Review
International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing
International Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications
International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising
Health Marketing Quarterly
International Journal of Marketing
International Journal of Market Research
International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing
International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management
International Journal of Social Research Methodology
International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship
Journal for the Advancement of Marketing Education
Journal of Business Market Management
Journal of Business to Business Marketing
Journal of Consumer Behaviour
Journal of Consumer Marketing
Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior
Journal of Database Marketing & Customer Strategy Management
Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing
Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice
Journal of Interactive Advertising
Journal of Marketing Analytics
Journal of Marketing Communications
Journal of Nonprofit and Public Sector Marketing
Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management
Journal of Product and Brand Management
Journal of Promotion Management:  Innovations in planning and applied research
Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing
Journal of Social Marketing
Journal of the Association of Marketing Educators
Qualitative Market Research: An international journal
Services Marketing Quarterly
Southern Business Review


Management Information Systems Journal Ranking

List of MIS Journals
List of Recommended Journals: A Quality List of Acceptable Journals: B Quality
Premier  Journals AI Magazine (0.73)
1 MIS Quarterly (4.66) Applied Artificial Intelligence (0.48)
2 Information Systems Research (2.68) Applied Intelligence (1.85)
3 Journal of Management Information Systems (1.87) Applied Mathematics and Computation (1.45)
4 Journal of the Association for Information Systems (2.25) Artificial Intelligence Review (1.56)
5 Management Science ( 1.86) Australian Journal of Information Systems (2.42)
Top Tier Behavior and Information Technology (0.86)
1 Decision Sciences (1.48) British Journal of Educational Technology (1.31)
2 Communications of the ACM (1.92) Computing (0.21)
3 Decision Support Systems (1.12) Journal of Education for Management Information Systems (1.90)
4 European Journal of Information Systems (1.56) Journal of Global Information Management (1.18)
5 ACM Transactions on Information Systems ( 1.97) Journal of Information & Knowledge Management (1.25)
6 Information Systems Journal (1.53) Journal of Information Science (1.24)
7 Journal of Strategic Information Systems (2.43) Journal of Information Systems (1.84)
8 Journal of Information Technology (1.60) Journal of Information Systems Education (4.8)
9 Information & Management    (1.63) Journal of Information Technology Management (1.54)
10 Communications of the AIS (1.59) Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research (0.32)
11 International Journal of Mobile Network Design and Innovation (1.32) Expert Systems (0.78)
12 Journal of Electrical Engineering (2.97) Health Care Management Science (0.7)
13 Electronic Markets (0.43) IEEE Transactions on Knowledge & Data Engineering (1.90)
14 Electronic Commerce Research (1.55) Information And Software Technology (1.69)
15 Electronic Commerce Research and Applications (1.48) Information Processing & Management (1.50)
16 Artificial Intelligence. An International Journal (1.85) Information Processing Letters (0.48)
17 International Journal of Interdisciplinary Telecommunications and Networking (0.52) Information Resources Management Journal (0.25)
18 Human Computer Interaction (1.13) Information Society (0.72)
19 Expert Systems with Applications (1.85) Information Technology and People (0.77)
20 Information Systems Frontiers (0.85) International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (0.94)
Second Tier International Journal of Electronic Business Research 0.19
1 ACM Computing Surveys (3.54) International Journal of Information Management (1.53)
2 ACM Special Interest Group Publications (2.47) Journal of Computer Information Systems (0.53)
3 ACM Transactions on Database Systems  (2.08) Journal of Database Management (2.12)
4 Academy of Management Journal (5.02) Journal of Electronic Commerce (0.72)
5 Academy of Management Review (4.37) Journal of Enterprise Information Management (0.5)
6 Administrative Science Quarterly ( 2.91) Journal of Global Information Technology Management (0.37)
7 Computers and Operations Research (1.72) Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application (3.8)
8 IBM Systems Journal (1.79) Journal of Quality Technology (1.57)
9 IEEE Computer (1.68) Journal of Systems and Software (1.32)
10 IEEE Software (1.62) Knowledge Based Systems (3.37)
11 IEEE Transactions on Computers (1.29) Knowledge Management (1.47)
12 IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (2.59) Knowledge Engineering Review (0.59)
13 IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics  (1.35) Maritime Policy & Management (0.82)
14 Information Resources Management Journal (0.25) MIS Quarterly Executive (1.74)
15 Information Systems Management (0.35)
15 Interfaces (2.89)
17 International Journal of Technology Management (0.52)
18 International Journal of Man-Machine Studies (1.42)
19 Journal of the ACM (2.37)
20 Journal of Systems Management (0.35)
21 Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (1.46)
22 Networks (0.65)
23 Omega (3.02)
24 Organization Science (4.34)



Faculty members applying for continuing appointment and/or promotion shall submit a list of at least four individuals who could be solicited to write letters of support and to provide an assessment of the candidate’s research agenda. At least one of the references should not have been a co-author with the candidate. The Personnel Committee of the Management, Marketing and Information Systems Department after consultation with the Department Chair will contact at least three of the suggested references to request letters of support.