The courses below must be completed within six years and with a minimum GPA of 3.0. A minimum of 24 s.h. must be completed through SUNY Oneonta. Students must also complete an action based research project as specified in EDUC 695.

Core: 9 s.h.
EDUC 506 Introduction to Educational Research
EDUC 655 Seminar in Graduate Study: Project Proposal
EDUC 695 Seminar in Graduate Study: Master’s Project and Practicum

Content Pedagogy: 12 s.h.
EDUC 546 Reading & Writing to Learn in the Content Areas
EDUC  545 Content Reading & Literacy in the Elementary Classroom
EDUC 623 Foundations of Literacy Development

EDUC 533 Meeting the Needs of Exceptional Children in Reading
SPED 517 Assistive Technology

EDUC 577 Issues in Diversity and Education
EPSY 532 Cognition Motivation in Instruction

Technology: 18 s.h.
EDUC 580 Integrating Technology in Education
EDUC 581 Instructional Technology Design Principles
EDUC 583 Telecommunications and Online Learning
EDUC 586 Multimedia and Instructional Product Design
EDUC 587 Integrated Technology Applications and Issues
EDUC 588 Instructional Technology-Management and Evaluation

Total: 39 s.h.