WiFi and Internet Update

3/3 6:45 This morning’s scheduled configuration changes are complete and all services are restored.  We will continue to monitor network traffic for slowness throughout the day but expect download and streaming video speeds to be much improved.

2/28 2 PM To address our internet slowness issues, we will be applying configuration changes to our internet router Monday, March 3 between 5 and 7 AM.  This will result in periods of internet service downtime during that time period.  All services will be restored by 7 AM.

2/28 8 AM – We have successfully rolled back the WiFi system’s OS and WiFi connection issues should be resolved. If you continue to have problems connecting to WiFi, please call the Help Desk at x4567.  Time Warner completed the hardware replacement and we are continuing to troubleshoot slow internet downloads and video streams.

ITS Networking is troubleshooting two network issues.  The first is a problem with wireless devices connecting to Red Dragon WiFi.  This resulted from an operating system upgrade performed Wednesday morning.  Tomorrow morning at 5, we will roll back to the previous OS version until our vendor supplies a fix.  WiFI will be down during this roll-back,  The second issue is slower-than-normal connections to the internet, especially for video streams and downloads.  Time Warner will be on campus tomorrow morning to replace hardware and troubleshoot the issue.  This may cause a brief interruption to internet services.  All services will be restored by 8 AM.