Oneonta and World War II

Oneonta Goes to War: World War II

In 2011, we found letters to Professors Curtis and Johnson in the Archive and Special Collections from students who entered into the Armed Services during or after their college careers. Later in 2012, we found a second collection of letters to the College and/or Dr. Hunt, then President of the College.

During this time, the campus community was involved in a number of activities which contributed to the war effort. A War Council was started to coordinate the efforts in areas such as Red Cross classes, quilting, blood drives, war bonds and stamps, knitting, salvage, folding dressings and creating scrapbooks to send to the troops. Dr. Hunt was instrumental in establishing Victory gardens on campus.

A number of men and women entered the Red Cross, Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force. One of the students was a conscientious objector so was kept out of combat while still making a contribution. These letters take us to the United States South and West, Hawaii, Philippines, Germany, and England among other places and provide a glimpse into the activities the students were involved in during their time in the military.

The Roll of Honor contains the names of those students that served during the war and have died.

This and the virtual exhibit (http://aristotle.oneonta.edu/wordpress/oneontawwii/) are a taste of the primary source materials in the collection. Many of the letters have been scanned.

If you are interested in doing additional research on these materials, please contact Heather Beach.

Students and staff involved in the project include: Victor Nicotra (’12), intern; Amanda Lowe (’12), intern; Heather Rutkowski (’12), student worker; Alex Benjamin (’12), student worker; Melissa Carter (’11), student worker; Sabine Achille (’13) student worker; Jennifer Gaston, Keyboard Specialist II, Reference and Instruction; Jim Coan, Catalog Librarian; Alvin Dantes, Technology Librarian; Anne McFarland, Head of Bibliographic and Digital Services.