Oneonta Love Stories

February 14th, 2013 | Categories: Uncategorized

From a math tutoring session to a dorm party at Ford Hall, we can’t begin to count the ways people meet and fall in love at SUNY Oneonta.

Nearly 70 students and alumni who have been together as long as 34 years recently shared their Oneonta love stories on our Facebook page. We heard from couples who met at residence halls or in class; at a local watering hole—or on a school whale watching trip; and through student clubs and activities ranging from the Alumni Phonathon to the Zombie Defense Corps.

Couples shared all kinds of how-we-met stories, from “It was love at first sight” to “I RAN back to my room and never forgot the encounter with the creepy kid!”

Check out a few of our favorite stories—complete with then and now photos—here: