Fall 2012 Dates

Meeting dates for fall 2012

September 4, 19
October 2, 17
November 6,28
All meetings are outside of Starbucks in the Hunt Union at 8 am.

SUNY Faculty Development Initiative

In the fall of 2002, the Provost of SUNY established the Provost's Advisory Task Force on Faculty Development. The Task Force met through the next two academic years in order to reach a comprehensive understanding of existing faculty development preactices and needs across the State University.The SUNY Oneonta Faculty Teaching Breakfast started discussion of the Task Force report and recommendations. The Task Force's Implementation Plan was also distributed to the group.

Helping Students Learn How to Learn

What do students need if they are to become effective life-long learners?

First-let's look at the opportunities they may have for learning. What are the possible ways in which adults may learn? Then, let's examine what they need in order to use these opportunities effecitvely. Finally, how can we help them if they are to become better learners?