Foundation Clarifies Speculation

Below is the text of a letter submitted to the Daily Star on July 21 by College at Oneonta Foundation President Jeffrey Strauss and Vice President Paul Perlman.

To the Editor:

We write to clarify some of the speculation about SUNY Oneonta’s acquisition of properties adjacent to its campus that the Daily Star presented in John Willis’ July 16 guest column. Specifically, no contributions to the College at Oneonta Foundation by local donors or other individuals were involved in the transactions that Mr. Willis described; the occasional acceptance, purchase, sale and holding of real property is common among foundations affiliated with public colleges; and while three SUNY Oneonta administrators do serve on our Foundation’s governing board, they do so in an ex-officio capacity along with 27 volunteer members who raise and manage private funds for our endowment, college programs and scholarships.

Jeffrey Strauss
President, College Foundation Board of Directors
Franklin Lakes, NJ

Paul Perlman
Vice President, College Foundation Board of Directors
Orchard Park, NY