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 ReThink Campaign Pre-Test  

Your name will remain confidential and all name data will be deleted upon completion of the data collection portion of the project.


The sum of the numbers entered must equal 100.


My closest circle of friends      
Other friends      
Acquaintances (people you don't know well)      
I don’t think sexual assault is a big problem on campus.     
I don’t think there is much I can do about sexual assault on campus.     
There isn’t much need for me to think about sexual assault on campus, that’s the job of someone else.     
Sometimes I think I should learn more about sexual assault but I haven’t done so yet.     
I think I can do something about sexual assault and am planning to find out what I can do about the problem     
I am planning to learn more about the problem of sexual assault on campus.     
I have recently attended a program about sexual assault.     
I am actively involved in projects to deal with sexual assault on campus.     
I have recently taken part in activities or volunteered my time on projects focused on ending sexual assault on campus.     
I am:     
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